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FuturesTechs produces daily analysis on 20 Futures contracts and 8 Forex crosses. The reports are widely regarded as "Industry Standard" in the UK proprietary trading community, and in recent years have gained a strong following amongst Institutions and Fund Managers.  The analysis is well presented, clear and concise, giving you a chart, levels and commentary - always on your e-mail before the market opens.

It is written in a clear, simple and interesting way so that when you receive it in the morning you are keen to read it, rather than it being something that is called upon when inspiration is low!

As well as this we provide trade ideas on large cap UK Equities and FuturesTechs is increasingly being favoured by the wider investment community as institutional traders are assured that the analysis is entirely independent of any potential in-house influence.

With the introduction of regulation on "unbundling" of research costs by the FCA our independent, consistent and relevant daily commentaries are increasingly catching the attention of the buy side, as evidenced by our award of "Best Technical Analysis for Futures - UK" in the 2015 AI Hedge Fund Awards.

In looking purely at the shorter term technical outlook we add a new dimension to many Fund Managers' current trading and investment strategies.

Subscriptions are based on a “site license” model to allow multiple access, catering to the needs of the modern trading operation. The reports can be sent to a central e-mail address so they can be printed out for your traders or brokers as they arrive, or placed on your intranet, or "group" e-mail addresses can be set up. You decide!

Updates are regularly sent out during times of extreme volatility

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