FuturesTechs' analysis centres on Candlestick Charting,
an ancient Japanese charting method that uses daily open/high/low/close values to map the markets in order to spot reversal and continuation patterns, combined with simple support and resistance, trendline and Fibonacci applications.

A strong focus on Intra-day levels is also employed, and increasingly we are using along with Market Profile and Auction Market Theory as an excellent ally to our Candlestick work.

Every "Pro" report includes our unique "SkewBar", a visual representation of the short term trend, referencing key levels where this may change. This has proved very popular with our clients.

Momentum Indicators tend to be used for confirmation purposes only, and are not widely quoted in the reports.

Elliott Wave and Gann Analysis are largely left alone as they tend to work better for longer term directional calls, and the FuturesTechs' methodology tends to favour short term "levels" and their effect on the market on an intra-day basis.

Fundamentals and Economics are deliberately ignored entirely. We leave that to others who are properly qualified!

Intra-market and yield curve analysis is also deliberately given a wide berth, so the reader knows that each chart is analysed on a "stand alone" basis. Spread traders find this particularly useful as they can spot anomalies between contracts they're trading.

For a sample of our approach to the markets feel free to peruse the links on our "Media" page.