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FuturesTechs and GFI worked together from 2006 to 2017 to bring the market a daily Technical Analysis report on the Energy Sector. This became widely read and well respected, giving an interesting “alternative” view to the fundamentals, often “batting against” the general consensus by just looking at the charts; for example being bullish of Brent Crude from July 2017 to October 2018, during which time it rallied from $48 to $80+; a move that at times was largely “disbelieved” by many commentators and Fundamental analysts!  
Due to complexities around the MiFiD II regulations GFI stopped offering this service in December 2017. Since then we have had an excellent uptake from the industry with many subscribing directly. We have since signed up clients with a combined annual revenue of over $1,500bn. We have become established as a voice in the Industry. New clients have ranged from Utilities to Oil Companies to Hedge Funds and Brokers. We have clients across Europe and the UK.
In a post-MiFiD II world a subscription to an independent provider is the most straightforward and elegant way of getting the analysis you want at the right price.
We offer a number of levels of service, with flexible pricing to suit your needs, whether it be a single user, a site licence or a bespoke company-wide service offering. We can offer a number of MiFiD II compliant delivery options.

The daily report covers Brent Crude Oil, NYMEX WTI, US Natural Gas, EUA Carbon Emissions, UK NBP Natural Gas, TTF Natural Gas, API2 Coal and German Baseload Power.


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